Forthcoming Issues and Call for Papers

Contemporary Income Management
Vol. 39 1/2020

Global Emergency 
Vol 39 2/2020

General Issue
Vol 39 3/2020

Music and Social Activism
Vol 39 4/2020

We are seeking a Poetry Editor. The role involves receiving and soliciting material, copy editing and sending on to the desktop publisher. Please contact Julie at [email protected] for more information.

Social Alternatives publishes thematically linked academic articles. If you have a idea or proposal for a thematic issue please contact Julie at [email protected] 


We would like to invite submissions of research papers, theoretical reflections, essays, poems, and artistic images engaging with the interconnected topics of media, crisis, and fake news for a special issue of Social Alternatives to be published in July, 2021.  Please forward this Call to your network so the invitation is widely distributed.

The submission deadline is February 1, 2021, with inquiries and early submissions welcomed ([email protected] or [email protected]).  We are particularly interested in submissions that interrogate and excavate communication acts, channels, and actors that undermine human dignity, agency, and solidarity; and/or which surface, clarify, and advance those promoting social justice, and liberatory perspectives and practices.  Please consider contributing your research, conceptual/theoretical work, essays, poems, and/or artistic images.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Prof./Dr. Jason Laker and Prof./Dr. Kornelia Mrnjaus

 Jason A. Laker, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Counselor Education
San José State University
O: 408-924-3654  F: 408-924-4137
One Washington Square, Sweeney Hall 404
San José, CA  95192-0073

Affiliated Research Faculty, Center for Research and Education on 

Gender and SexualitySan Francisco State UniversityCo-Investigator, Sexual Coercion and Violence in College: Reforming Policies and Practices for Consent Education and Personal AgencySeries Editor, Palgrave Studies in Global Citizenship Education and Democracy


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