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Buying/Selling Sex

Editorial: Barbara Sullivan

18 [3]



The theme of this issue is buying and selling sex which is always a controversial topic. Everyone seems to have an opinion about whether pornography or prostitution (or other activities like phone sex and stripping) should be legally available. Some people argue that sex should be confined to marriage or to other loving and committed relationships and should never be the object of a commercial transaction. They suggest sex is a sacred gift from God and/or that commercial sex is always 'bad' (immature or animalistic or exploitative or just plain second rate). Others argue that people have a right to their private lives and should be able to buy and sell sex if they want to as long as no harm is being done to others and/or the sex is consensual. However, some feminists argue that the economic and sexual oppression of women means that they are 'forced' to sell sex in order to survive; as such, commercial sex is always a breach of women's human rights.


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