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Critical Reflections

Mark Anthony Cayanan,  Molly Murn,  Alison Flett,  Paul Mitchell,  Toby Fitch,  Jennifer Compton,  Dominic Symes,  Rachael Mead,  Owen Bullock,  Debra Livingston,  Michael Buky,  Margaret Secombe,  Alannah Mewes,  Stuart Rees,  Richard Hil,  Jessica Hart,  Christine Morley,  Viktoria Mueller,  Joanne Clarke,  Graham Maddox,  Julie Matthews

39 [3]



One cannot speak of a democratic state without linking it to a democratic community. The democratic state involves a set of institutions designed to allow for the expression of the ‘will’, or wills, of the people, while at the same time providing the widest possible latitude for persons to conduct their own lives as they see fit. The ancient Greeks understood this, and allowed for personal experimentation and even eccentricity. They did not impose sanctions on people being themselves, unless of course they were interfering with the liberties of others, or engaging in criminal activity.


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