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Genders and Sexualities: Demilitarising the binary beachhead

Jason A. Laker, Beth Berila, Daniel Tillapaugh, Robin Rogers, Tanya Bakhru, Hagar Akua Prah, Katherine Fobear, Siphiwe Ignatius Dube, Cáel M. Keegan, Gerd Lederbauer, Julie Matthews, Geoff Dow, Danielle Ferndale, Andrew Bartlett, Linda Adair, Lizz Murphy, Siobhan Hodge, Anna Couani, Sarah St Vincent Welch

35 [3]



Discourses of identity are primarily binary in nature, framing constituent terms in pairs. Each pair has a superordinate and subordinate version of the given category (e.g. male/female, straight/gay, white/non-white, etc.). This sociocultural convention serves the interest of hegemony by obscuring or concealing superordinate identities – and those holding them – from observation and thus critical examination. Yet, it is of great importance to excavate the iterations and lived experiences of identity if we are to make progress on issues of inclusion, equity and social cohesion. Our shared biology has thus far not prevented superficial and/or mythical notions of difference from generating conflict and alienation.


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