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A Year of Peace

Kit Kelen, Stuart Rees, Mark Roberts, John Synott, Roger Vickery, B. N. Oakman, Lorraine McGuigan, Mark O’Connor, Alan Gould, Kate Noakes, Richard Hil, Linda Groff, Keith Suter, Margaret Reynolds, John Hallam, Drew Hutton, Peter Herborn, Richard Jackson, Brian Martin, Colin Power, Frank Stilwell, Marty Branagan, Lawrence S. Wittner, Hilary Summy, Mark Cryle, Henry Reynolds, Francis Hutchinson, Ralph Summy, John Synott.

33 [4]



This issue of Social Alternatives is devoted to ending war and other related forms of violence and to building structures and values that will strengthen peace. Its major theme embraces the notion of declaring Anzac Day, April 25th, 2015, the beginning of a ‘Year of Peace’. The idea took root in the Anzac Day address delivered in 2014 by the late Governor Peter Underwood of Tasmania. His message was that ‘until we find the truth (of what causes wars), we cannot begin to pay proper homage and respect to those who fought in that terrible conflict 100 years ago and to the many others who have subsequently fought in other wars.’ Instead of glorifying war with the deeds of our soldiers ‘enthusiastically and unflinchingly carrying the torch of freedom in the face of murderous enemy fire’, we can best honour their sacrifices by embarking on studies to eliminate the custom of war and its practice of killing and being killed.


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