Social Alternatives Editorial Collective

Dr Clare Archer-Lean, Lecturer English. The University of the Sunshine Coast

Mark Roberts, Poetry Editor, The University of Sydney

Dr Elizabeth Eddy (retired)

Professor Robert Gilbert, Professor of Education.The University of Queensland

Dr Debra Livingston, Lecturer, Digital Design, The University of the Sunshine Coast

Associate Professor Julie Matthews, Associate Professor of Education, The University of Adelaide

Dr Victoria Palmer, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The University of Melbourne

Bronwyn Stevens, Lecturer, Politics, The University of The Sunshine Coast

Dr Ginna Brock, Associate Lecturer, English and Creative Writing, The University of the Sunshine Coast

Professor Graham Maddox, Emeritus Professor of Political Science, The University of New England

Dr Marcus Bussey, World, History, Futures Studies. The University of the Sunshine Coast

Dr George Morgan, Senior Lecturer, University of Western Sydney