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Bronwyn Stevens,Elizabeth Eddy,Binoy Kampmark, Atsushi Takeda, Oliver Haag, Catalina Botez, Ananta Kumar Giri, Jamilla Rosdahl, Anoushka Benbow-Buitenhuis, Brett Heino, Janice Newton, Richard Hil, Elisse Kleiner, Corine Fegan, Caitlin Noakes, Cate Morris, Sara Moss, Owen Bullock, Les Wicks, Sergio Holas, David Adès, Chris Palmera, Michele Seminara, Stu Hatton, Cary Hamlyn

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The articles in this special non-themed edition of Social Alternatives reflect the wide variety of topics and disciplinary approaches contributors have brought to this journal over the past thirty-seven years. These articles are united in their presentation of alternative viewpoints that contribute towards themes fostered in this journal – nonviolence, sustainability, egalitarianism and equity.

Binoy Kampmark examines Citizens’ War Crimes’ Tribunals. These sought to establish some form of accountability for war crimes committed by national leaders too powerful to be indicted by existing domestic or international courts or tribunals. Leaders whose actions have included deliberate deception and flagrant violations of international law which have resulted in massive civilian casualties. He argues that the weaknesses of such tribunals, a lack of jurisdictional authority or enforcement capacity, can also be their greatest strength.

Atsushi Takeda focuses on identity and citizenship in his article, ‘Exploring the Subjective Concept of Migrant Native Citizenship: the case of two Japanese migrants in Australia’. This article considers the emotional and subjective element in the concept of citizenship, the way it signifies identity and a sense of belonging, from the perspective of two Japanese migrants.


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